Emergency Food (26 articles)

Wholemeal Fruit Muesli Pumpkin Pancake Garden Vegetable Risotto Potato Stew with Fried Onions Creamy Noodles with Chicken and Spinach Pasta Primavera Pasta in Vegetarian Bolognese Wild Mushroom Stew with Pasta Couscous with Vegetables Vegetable Jambalaya Chana Masala Rice Pan "Balkan Style" Hearty Potato Stew with Beef and Beans Chicken Tikka Masala Salmon Pesto with Pasta Vegetable Burger Patty Quinoa - Mexican Style Hunter's Pot with Beef and Noodles Hungarian Stew with Beef and Noodles Chicken with Curry Rice Couscous with Chicken Beef Stroganoff with Rice Scrambled Eggs with Onions Protein Porridge Chili con Carne Forest gourmet pot with beef