Fixe Climbing & Bouldering Equipment (39 articles)

Summit 7,6mm Fulldry Half Rope Sport 9,8mm Climbing Rope Rainbow 9,6mm End Climbing Rope Orion M+Minor Wide Quickdraw Zen 8,1mm End Fd Half Rope Glue In Bolt Fixe1 12mm Bolt Hanger Sling PA 16mm Sling Sling Dyneema 13mm Sling Symmetrical Tucana Hex Screw Gate Carabiner Sling Dyneema 8mm Sling Bolt 10mm Sling Dyneema 10mm Sling Protec Rope Protection Kit Basic Fixe Play Climbing Hold Set Daisy Chain 13mm Dyneema CE Montgrony Keylock Bent Gate Carabiner Anilla Belay Ring Hold Kit 50 Stk. Climbing Hold-Set Montgrony Keylock Straight Gate Carabiner Draco Belay/Lower Off Carabiner Rock Stone Screw Gate Carabiner Hold Kit 30 pcs. Climbing Hold Set Orion v2+Minor Wide Quickdraw Pack of 4 Orion v2 Wide Quickdraw Pack of 4 Orion Bent v2 Carabiner Minor Bent Gate CE Carabiner Orion Straight v2 Carabiner Lotus Stone Anti-Twist Carabiner Rock Stone Autolocking Gate Carabiner Lotus Stone 3P Automatic Carabiner D-Lower Off Rock Stone Classic Carabiner Lotus Stone Automativ Gate Carabiner Pro Lite Evo Climbing Helmet Fanatic 8,4mm Dry Half Rope Orion M+F Wide Quickdraw Fixe1 Inox+Bolt Hanger 12mm Fixe1 12mm Bolt Hanger