Pomoca (22 articles)

Monodosis Wax Skin Bag Z-Hook for Click Lock System Two-colour wax Skin glue for Pomoca and Dynafit Glue Patch (10 patches) Spray Glue for climbing skins Liquid Wax Adhesive box with brush 150g Race Pro 2.0 Top Fix Race 59mm Climbing Skins Bergzeit ready2climb 130mm Ski Skins Ski Skin Hanger Climb Pro Mohair ready2climb 120mm Ski Skins Bent Hanger Click Look with bracket V2 Glueing Try & Roll Brackets (5 Pairs) Regluing Kit Free 2.0 ready2climb 140mm Ski Skins Endhooks for Top Fix (1 pair+rivets) Rivets for skin ends Free 2.0 ready2climb 123mm Ski Skins