Backpacking Food Outlet (105 articles)

Pumpernickel bread Mixed Vegetables Chocolate Pudding Bean Soup Muesli with raisins, apple and milk Energy-Muesli Rice Pudding Vanilla Porridge with fruits Tropical Rice Desert Lemon Cream Chicken Risotto with Vegetables Chicken & Noodle Hot-Pot Paella - lactose-free RICE PUDDING WITH STRAWBERRY CHOCOLATE MOUSSE WITH GRANOLA & CHERRY Curry Fruit Rice Veggie Couscous Pasta alle Noci Veggie Pasta Bolognese Dessert Dessert Yogurt with berries Instant Dessert Mango Bobotie Chicken Curry Gulyas Pasta Bolognese Couscous with vegetables Potato stew with fried onions Wild Mushroom Ragout With Pasta Pasta Salmone Vegetable Risotto - vegetarian Spaghetti Carbonara Pasta Bolognese Fleischpflanzerl Chili con Carne Pea stew Potato Leek Pot Country ham with lentil ragout Spicy dish with bulgur Hungarian stew with beef and noodles Coffee Arabica Fried Potatoes - lactose free Peronin Plus Chili con Carne Rice Dish Balkan Style Vegetable Patty Pasta with tomato sauce Linsen Curry Dal Standard Daily Package Salmon Pesto with Pasta Day Package Warm Region Turkey Jerky Whole-grain Bread Chicken Curry Jägertopf Zigeunertopf Lentil stew Pasta Meal Bella Italia Rice with beef and paprika Caribbean Caramel Curry